Sunday, November 06, 2005

TAB Endorses Tax Increase: "A little gas on the boom"

The Watertown TAB & Press has endorsed a massive tax increase for its readers. In an editorial published Friday, the editors of the progressive weekly urged Watertown taxpayers to vote themselves a substantial cut in their after-tax earnings. The tax increase would be used to fund unspecified government programs. However, some of the money might be used to fund specified government programs.

According to the TAB, if the tax increases are "used wisely", landlords will let these costs "trickle down" to tenants, presumably in the form of rent increases. "Will it make a huge difference?", the TAB asked rhetorically. Unfortunately, the TAB did not provide any information in its editorial that would help its readers answer that question, offering instead a modest haiku-like koan:

"Some residents will pay $57 a year; some will pay more, some less."

The editorial did not state whether renters unable to afford to live in Watertown after the inevitable rent increases might qualify for any "affordable housing" that the government might build with the new money it will collect from the tax.

The TAB's rationale for increasing the amount of our money we give to local politicians to spend as they desire is that the state government will also give some small amount of our money to the same local politicians as a reward for our vote. In fairness, I should note that the TAB also included an additional nonsensical jibberish reason for supporting the tax, which is impossible to paraphrase:

"Looking towards the future, that is what the Community Preservation Act does. During the last couple of months leading up to the Nov. 8 election, most candidates and Watertown residents have issued concerns that our town government has not looked towards the future. Now is the time to look towards our future. The CPA helps us do that, which is why the TAB is urging residents to vote yes..."

Regardless of whether this increase is approved, TAB editor David Ertischek will not have to worry. Ertischek is a Jamaica Plain resident, and his office is located in Needham.


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