Thursday, December 22, 2005

Who Signed It?

They are homeowners and apartment renters, singles and married couples, old and young, newcomers and natives. They come from the East End and the West End, from New Town and the Square, from the banks of the Charles to the slopes of Meeting House Hill. They are Democrats, Republicans and Independents. Their names indicate a cross-section of Watertown's diverse ethnic heritage--Armenians and Italians, Irish and Greeks, Latinos and French, Vietnamese and Chinese.

According to a web database, at least 394 Watertown citizens (note: server occasionally down) teamed up with the record-shattering number of 170,000 other registered voters from all across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, despite threats and intimidation and the certainty that their names and addresses would be published on the Internet, to assert their rights under the oldest continuing written constitution in North America.

They signed. And they signed proudly.


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