Sunday, January 01, 2006

Boston Tagged Photos on Flickr Watching

Among the recent interesting photos appearing in the Boston-Tagged stream on Flickr:
  • Joseph Warren's statue at the Bunker Hill monument. Warren, who had been elected President of the Provincial Congress, died at Bunker Hill with hundreds of others from both sides, and was postumously promoted to General. His death is depicted in Trumbull's famous painting, which I have used for my Blogger profile image.
  • Hawk Fight in the Fenway
  • Here is a Chi-Rho, most likely on the facade of a 19th century Protestant church somewhere in the Back Bay.
  • Many folks these days believe that they don't believe in anything. But the wiser, more honest little kids inside them may quite unexpectedly jump for joy and hope when they see this.
[via Universal Hub]


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